Time based Art

Digital Video

I love the interplay with technology and art, and I have always loved cartoons. 

Augmented reality Lama

I animated my Salvador Dali Lama illustration with #SlideAR.

Dutch Flowers of the 17th century

This is is a piece I created. the work is based off of "A Vase of Flowers" by Margret Hyverman, 1716

Circle Segment Moire pattern

In this video, I overlaid two sections of the same images with an offset. When I rotated the top image around the center, this hypnotic effect emerged.

Graphic Design

Black Leaders

For this project, I chose four inspirational Black leaders to create  Billboard sized prints for an Reverend's Indianapolis based church.

Major Taylor

Marshal "Major" Taylor was an Indianapolis native, and a cycling legend. He was the first African American to win a world champion sporting event and the first Black world champion cyclist when he won the sprint event at the 1899 world track championships.


Martin Luther King Jr.

This black leader needs no introduction.

Flossy Bailey

Katherine "Flossie" Bailey was a civil rights and anti-lynching activist from Indiana. She established a local chapter of the NAACP in Marion, Indiana, and later became president of the Indiana NAACP. She succeeded her lobbying for a statewide anti-lynching law in Indiana in 1931 and advocated for a similar bill at the national level. 

Alicia Garza

Alicia Garza is a modern civil rights activist and writer. She is one of the cofounders of Black Lives Matter


Giant Origami Crane

This project was one of 12 installation pieces chosen for the final Installation Nation show by Primary Colors. It was installed in the Artspark grounds at the Indianapolis art Center from October to November 2018.

Folding the model

A few folds in to the origami

Flat crane

This is the (mostly) folded scale model of the crane.

Finished Crane

The finished crane. over 13 ft tall and 20ft wide. The crane turned out a bit smaller than I expected, but was still massive. it is held up with an internal frame of fiberglass and PVC poles mounted to a T-post set into the ground.

Giant Origami Crane

Grand opening

Here's a pic of my family and I in front of the piece. The weather for the grand opening was terrible, but I finished installing it before it started raining so I was happy.

My Giant Origami Crane, with a human family for scale.


Color Space

With this series, I impose bright and unnatural colors on satellites and celestial bodies local to our own solar system, making them appear foreign.
My goal is to make the viewer re-examine their expectations of unity and separation by blending the unknown with the familiar.

Luna Color II

This is a photo of me in front of my Luna Color II.

This pubic art piece was on billboards around Indianapolis from September 1, 2017 to September 1, 2018.


This is a photo edit of the moon; recolored and stretched.

Luna Color

The first in my Colorspace series. This image was picked by the arts council for the 2017/18 High Art billboard series by the Indianapolis arts council.

pastel gradient colored image of the international space station

ISS Color 2.1

This is a three by three foot digital canvas I printed for a Sierra Club show. this color altered version of our planet represents the dual sides of the issues surrounding our planet and its future.


I really enjoy creating brightly colored and simple illustrations. For more of these, check out my gallery.

The the great Black Sharkie

After our trip to the Newport Aquarium in Kentucky I was inspired to make this illustration blending the apex predator and the apex marker.


Pizza and Wifi. Now in one great sticker.

Squeeze Me!

Who doesn't line oranges (other than our 11 year old), I love them. Nothing beats a glass of fresh squeezed juice in my opinion.

Party Cake

A homage to the not so humble birthday cake.

This one loves a party. Go bakers!


This digital insect is a play on words, and the punch line to one of my terrible graphic design jokes.

What is a printer’s least favorite insect?


Nothing ever really settles a debate on the internet but I created this illustration to commemorate the ongoing battle between those who say .GIF and those who pronounce it .JIF


This is a sticker I made for my lady after going with her to the Women's march in Indianapolis

Sour Sweeties

Real friends are sour and sweet!

This is a set of illustrations for my sister who is quite the foodie.

Three Eyed Kitty

3rd Eye Cat

based on a photo of our 6yr old black cat Luci as she was sitting in our suitcase definitely not helping us pack.


Being raised in a post Basquiat society, I have a love and respect for a lot of street artists. One of my first encounters with it was the Andre the giant sticker. Here’s my tribute to the modern OBEY