Giant Crane Origami

Giant Origami Crane

My Giant Origami Crane was chosen as one of 13 installation pieces for Primary Colours Installation Nation '18. The big bird  will live for a month from Oct. 12th to Nov 4th in the Artspark green space at the Indianapolis Art Center.

Primary Colours is happy to partner with the Indianapolis Art Center for Installation Nation. By using the 9.5 acre open green space behind the facility, the artists get to fully embrace the artistic opportunities and challenges of creating installations directly in the park. 13 artists/artist groups will transform the ARTSPARK into an outdoor gallery. Each artist’s work presents a different vision of installation art. There will be interactive pieces, pieces in the trees, on the grounds, and using water. The nature of the layout will allow the viewer to experience pieces individually as well as interacting with each other. This is an excellent opportunity to help support local artists and watch them explore the limits of temporary outdoor installation art. 

Primary Colours is dissolving after Installation Nation 2018.

Though I'm beyond excited to be one of their installation artists for their farewell event. I'm sad to see them go. They definitely fulfilled their mission of facilitating interaction between visual artists and the community, but that community will be a bit less vibrant once they close their doors.

Our Mission has been simple from the beginning: to facilitate interaction between visual artists and the community. Our purpose has been to create and sustain a thriving environment for the visual arts through unique exhibitions, cultural events, and awesome resources for up-and-coming artists. We have succeeded in our mission. The needs of artists and the type of support they require is much different than it was 16 years ago. The number of organizations competing for funding is more significant than it has ever been. We like to think we were part of the reason this has happened in Indianapolis. We have made an impact on this city and our neighborhoods that we can be proud of. All things must come to an end, and this is Primary Colours’. As a board, we have voted to dissolve Primary Colours at the conclusion of Installation Nation 2018. Thank you to you. Thank you for coming to our events and supporting our organization over the past 16 years. We could not have done it without you. We look back fondly on all the people this organization has brought into our lives and the wealth of experiences as a result, and we are thankful. Please come to celebrate our organizations' life and history with us at our farewell event Installation Nation 2018.

My Giant Origami Crane, with a human family for scale.
My Giant Origami Crane, with a human family for scale.

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